Edwin Zinman

Edwin Zinman


Dr. Edwin Zinman received his DDS from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dentistry and his certificate in periodontics and oral medicine from NYU. After practicing periodontics in New York and San Francisco and teaching at UCSF Department of Periodontics, Dr. Zinman attended UCSF Hastings College of Law.

Dr. Zinman has lectured several hundred times to local, state and national dental societies and legal associations. His authorship includes chapters in twelve different dental textbooks, and articles in the Journal of American Dental Association, California Dental Association, in addition to legal journals.

Edwin Zinman, DDS, JD
Law Offices of Edwin J. Zinman, DDS, JD, INC.
220 Bush Street, Suite 422
San Francisco, California 94104
Telephone: (415) 391-5353
Facsimile: (415) 391-0768

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