WOW! Happy Hour Rounds

Fri, 17 Mar
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
La Estrella
CEUs: 1.5 Hours CE Credits Each

WOW! Happy Hour Rounds

Audience: Dentists, Students & Residents, Dental Auxiliaries & Dental Office Staff
Ticketed Event

WOW: Words of Wisdom – join us for happy hour in tables of ten as you talk and learn from different professionals and companies that interest you.
The session will include a presentation with a 15 minutes Q & A portion.

Reiki Energetics for Your Patients, for Your Life

Khanh Le, DDS
Reiki is a stress reduction method which also promotes healing. It is a healing technique discovered by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui in 1922. It is recognized by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine as a complementary health approach. Reiki, which means universal life energy, heals by affecting the energy pathways and aura/biofield of a person, supporting the body’s innate healing abilities. Most importantly, reiki does no harm. Today Reiki is widely available in hospitals as adjunctive therapy to conventional therapies.

Presentation will include:

  • Brief history of reiki.
  • How reiki works; the affects of reiki.
  • How reiki can be used for patients, in the practice, in daily life.
  • How to become a reiki practitioner.

How to Gain More Patients Through Positive Reviews

Scott Childress
Taking Control of Your Online Reputation

Looking at the most popular and effective social media platforms for dentists, this course will uncover in-depth tactics for social media that will connect pediatric dentists with families in their community throughout the year. We will discuss how social media can increase word of mouth recommendations and patient loyalty and how to create a social practice culture.

Further, attendees will learn about essential social media advertising tools to increase practice reach and kickstart a stagnant online presence as well as discover how to track social media ROI.

Finally, the instructor will discuss which social media networks are most effective for dental practices and expose the secrets to simplifying the time consuming tasks of social media so dental professionals can focus on the new patients it brings in.

Sponsored by Smile Savvy

Jedi Mind Tricks to Get Patients to Like You While Helping Them Prevent Cavities

Roger Lucas, DDS

We all want to help parents and children prevent cavities. It benefits the kids, parents, and even helps your day run more smoothly. However, how do we motivate parents to take care of their child’s teeth without accidentally sounding condescending or patronizing? If we take it a step further, can we help families prevent cavities, have great compliance, and have parents thanking you at the end? It’s possible, but will take a few Jedi Mind Tricks.

Looking at principles in psychology, motivation, and microbiology, Dr. Lucas will examine how to help parents prevent cavities and love you at the same time. (It’s possible!)

In this talk, you will learn:

  • Proven psychology principles to get parents to like you.
  • Proven motivational tricks to get higher compliance in prevention.
  • Precision focus of your prevention program, based on microbiology, to help prevent cavities in the first place, and greatly lessen recurrent decay.