International Volunteer Dental Projects – What’s It All About Anyway?

International Volunteer Dental Projects – What’s It All About Anyway?

Dr. Frank Serio and Dr. Dawn McClellan represent the ADA Foundation. Dr. McClellan is cofounder of Dental Care International (DCI).

This course is designed for dentists, dental hygienists, and other interested parties who want to learn more about the nuts and bolts of volunteering around the world or around the block. It will also be useful for those with some volunteering experience looking for new ideas or just validation of what they are doing. Topics include the nature of volunteer activities, cross-cultural issues, comparison of service and teaching projects, how to get started either at home or abroad, the nuts and bolts of volunteering overseas and at home and where to find these volunteer opportunities. There will be ample time for interaction with the presenters and other experienced members of the audience.

This course is for dentists, residents, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and other volunteer team members.

Educational Objectives:

  • identify why they are interested in volunteering
  • understand the importance of  working within the context of the local community
  • compare and contrast the nature of teaching and service projects with the advantages and disadvantages of each type
  • outline the steps necessary to get started including needs assessment, goal setting, and team assembly
  • describe the nuts and bolts of volunteering including what to do and resources to support the project
  • find volunteer projects and other sources of information
  • appreciate existing projects, both teaching and service, in the US and overseas.

Dr. Larry and Barbara Luke are organizers of the TRUE Africa Foundation USA.

While on missionary work, Larry and Barbara Luke met leaders of and non-profit Child2Youth organization that rescue, feed, clothe and educate orphans and needy children of Uganda. The Lukes introduces this needy organization to the TRUE Africa Foundation in the United States which has now partnered with the Child2Youth Foundation in Africa.

TRUE Africa provides the avenue in the United States to provide support for the beautiful children in Uganda. The primary objective of the Foundation is to empower African children by enhancing their educational conditions and opportunities. The Foundation sponsors children by providing financial help for a full year of education. It also provides the child a new uniform, shoes, access to medical care and the care of a social worker. The children receive care items such as mosquito nets, blankets, mattresses, beans, posho grits, matooke bananas, goats and new textbooks. Community development projects include improved function and safety of village schools, pit latrines, clean water sources and new school desks and classrooms.

The foundation relies heavily on volunteers which mean that more than 97% of donations for the past three years have gone to program services. There are currently 260 children sponsored with thousands more affected by the community development projects.
This course is for dentists, residents, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and other team members.

Educational Objectives:

  • This course will describe the needs and solutions provided to these children in Uganda.

Dr. Lynn Fujimoto and Dr. Oariona Lowe are team members of Global Dental Ambassadors.

Lynn Fujimoto and Oariona Lowe are members of the Global Dental Ambassadors (GDA). GDA is a grass-roots and volunteer led and driven group of dental professionals who share the mission to participate in academic and cultural exchanges among oral health professionals and institutions globally.

The goal of GDA is to share and exchange knowledge, experiences, and culture among oral health professionals by participating in academic mission trips around the world. Their objectives are to develop international collaborations for academic exchange, impact lives around the world through the sharing of information amongst global oral health professionals and assist in the diagnosis and treatment of oral disease through knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Educational Objectives:

  • This course will describe the mission and vision of Global Dental Ambassadors and why their work around the world has become accepted and acknowledged by many countries around the world.
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